Perfect Quality

By the Glass® keeps your wines fresh and ensures they are served at the ideal temperature.

Perfect Serve

With programmable portion control and self service by the card.

More Interaction

Showcase your wine offering and explore new forms of direct consumer interaction.

The World‘s Best
Wine Entertainment

By The Glass International is a global leader in professional wine serving equipment . Since 2007 our dispensers and interactive solutions have revolutionised the way wines are presented in the hospitality sector and up market retail trade. Our technology stands behind the most successful winebars and some of the finest and most innovative addresses in retail and hospitality offering a unique experience and a great choice of high class wines by the glass.

Your business

Sell more and better wines

at your

Improve the quality of wine service for guaranteed satisfaction of guests.

Increase sales revenue offering more choice and better wines by the glass.

Showcase your offer of great labels, and let the guests discover them for themselves.

Offer a unique wine experience by the card in a self exploring wine bar or a cashless hotel bar available around the clock.

Assure a perfect representation of products at in-store tastings.

Benefit from an attractive cost-efficient and hygienic possibility for self-tasting at POS.

Explore new forms of direct consumer interaction at point of sale with Wine by the Card and our digital kiosk solutions.

Directly link the experience to your online offering.

Make sure your wines are presented in perfect condition.

Promote your wines with a spotlight presentation at POS.

Reduce sample costs.

Benefit from the possibilities for branding and the mobility of our Modular dispensers for your cellar door, wine show or POS tasting.

Our solutions

By the Glass®


Ultra compact, modular wine serving system for 2 bottles which can be seamlessly connected to create bigger systems for 2, 4, 6…8 bottles with multipe temperature zones. Fits virtually any space – ideal solution small surfaces, mobile applications and tasting at point of sale.

By the Glass®


Elegant wine serving system built in sizes from 8 to 12 bottle positions in high grade stainless steel with a brush finish or optional colour coatings. Available with 1 or 2 temperature zones and optional Wine by the Card technology.

By the Glass®


Tailor-made wine serving system for up to 40 bottles in 2 temperature zones with adjustable partition. Built in high grade stainless steel with optional colour coatings and a large variety of attractive options incl. double sided systems and Wine by the Card technology.


By the Glass® Wine Serving Systems

Perfect Quality

Protect your wines from oxidation for up to 20 days with inert gas technology (nitrogen or argon).

Ideal Climate

Make sure your wines are served at their ideal climate with dual or multiple temperature zones.

Speed & Control

With programmable portion control and optional connection to your cash register.

Visibility Sells

Spotlight presentation for your by- the-glass wines.

Easy to Operate

Maintenance and bottle changes are quick and easy to maximise the productivity of your staff.

Perfect Fit

With custom built solutions matching your exact requirements and space.

Global Yet Local

Quick and efficient service by local partners worldwide.

More Interaction

With Wine by the Card technology and our unique cloud application for unlimited connectivity.