It's a match:
Great taste meets strong arguments
wine dispenser + digital wine consultant

The WineKiosk is an interactive kiosk solution efficiently combining in-store tasting with the potential for digital information and interaction of the Internet.

"Taste before you buy" increases sales and enhances the overall shopper experience. What’s more, the possibility to taste wines is what distinguishes bricks-and-mortar retail from pure internet shopping!

The WineKiosk allows you to systematically offer wine tasting around the clock and with minimal effort, and it combines this unique experience with digital interaction, personalised advice and efficient access control for subscribed users or holders of a loyalty card.

And if you don't have a loyalty card or subscription scheme yet, the WineKiosk will effortlessly help you to build it up, as users can register for the tasting on the spot via email or social media logs to receive a digital client card.

Sell more and better wines and grow your digital client base day after day.

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