New Innovative wine Bar Concept

Since 2016 the self exploring wine bar concept is really taking off internationally. By The Glass International has been involved from the start working with local partners in different countries. Let's have a look at the concept and the results!

The Concept

The concept is based on the self exploring of 50 to 150 open wines by the guests in a casual setting. To be able to start the “wine discovery trip”, guests buy and charge a card. When inserted in one of the wine dispensers in the bar, the card enables the guest to dispense a taster, half glass or full glass of wine by themselves. Of course, there is staff around to provide advice and information and to serve food and other drinks


Differences compared to traditional wine bars & tasting rooms

  • A casual setting that appeals to young urbans
  • The number of open wines is deliberately “over the top” (preferably 100) so guests remember and share it with friends (word-of-mouth)
  • Availability of tasters and half glasses
  • Easy and untroubled access to all wines. Guests can taste as many wines as they want without feeling embarrassed
  • Easy accessible information about all wines, both offline (wine cards) and online
  • Smart tools to enhance the guest experience, to enable online sales and to provide valuable insights to management and wine suppliers

The Remarkable Results

  • The concept attracts young urban professionals (25-45) who are happy to spend money on quality wines in a casual place. Relatively high share (approx. 60%) of female guests. The dream of many (wine) marketeers!
  • The average price per glass is on a level which normally can only be found in top restaurants and clubs (30-40% higher than in normal wine bar). The availability of tasters and half glasses play a key role
  • Word-of-mouth advertising and other forms of free publicity are huge
  • Although the ritual at the table (showing the label, uncorking, pouring) is missing, guests have no trouble trying expensive wines
  • The costs of wine dispensers and other tools are easily compensated by higher sales, high margin and lower labor costs
  • Several of the wine bars using this concept have been overloaded with awards

The Future

The combination of lower labor costs, yet a great experience (hence high spendings by the guests) is a true game changer. No wonder this concept is gaining such momentum.